How to get around Barcelona

Public transport

Public transport is the best way to get around the city, whether you are making daily journeys or if you are just visiting and want to do some sightseeing: it's comfortable, quick, well-connected and much more sustainable than private vehicles. In Barcelona, there are eight metro lines, distinguished by different colours, two train networks, two tram lines and a large fleet of buses that can take you anywhere in the city. Furthermore, the tickets are integrated, which means that you can combine different means of transport during a period of an hour and a half, all included in the price of one ticket. The system of fares divides the metropolitan area into rings: the more rings you travel through, the more expensive the fare is. The ten districts of Barcelona all fall inside Zone 1.

If you are only visiting the city for a few days, there are different types of travelcards you can buy in order to save money on public transport. The T10 card gives you ten journeys, combining different means of transport, but there are also day travelcards on offer. TMB's Hola BCN! Card which is for a single person, allows unlimited journeys for a fixed fare: there are cards for two, three, four and five-day periods.

The apps of the city: the best tour guides

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